Saturday, April 18, 2009

I think 5 months without a post deserves a catch up!

Ok, so I've become totally upside down and crazy in the washing machine of life since my last post! Life has been marching swiftly as you'd expect. After five months, I thought I'd better update, though I don't expect anybody to even remember this blog to see it! lol

BIG update for us, hubby got a new job! We're moving NORTH, way NORTH! :) Never lived any more than 60 miles from where we are now so a huge change for us! We're excited, overwhelmed and READY! Hubby has been gone 6 weeks already, he had to go asap to get started for his job. We had to stay back to get the house and ourselves ready. We did send a great majority of our things with him so we've been living out of partially packed boxes and selling everything too big to take with us for the last six weeks, enough to drive one insane!!

With most of the clothing already sent, gasp, Kaylee only has enough here to fit in a box on top of the dryer, this has greatly taken a toll on her love of changing clothes as many times a day as she can get away with it. She still gets home from school every day and puts her 'lounging' clothes (aka pj's, princess dresses, etc) on. I think she has enough shoes to start her own shoe store and she tries to wear her entire inventory on a daily basis as well. She can clomp with the best of them in her 'heels'! lol

Everyone has been doing great though, school has been going great for all three this year. Kaylee is using two word sentences!!!! We're so proud!!! She's come a long way from the little girl that came home 19 months ago with no language abilities. She's worked so hard and had some excellent speech therapists through the school system. She also had tubes put in her ears this January. Outsiders can usually only pick up a word or two of what she's saying, of course we understand many many more. She's also using sign language when she can't get her point across, which helps her and us. She's also learning her colors, doing some basic counting and recognizes K's like their going out of style, I contantly hear 'my name, my name!!' :) She loves to color and write these days. She draws people all the time and tons of circles in a line to replace the letters she's just not ready for yet.

Kaylee is an avid bike rider, loves jewelry of all kinds, you name it. Total girly girl but she can goes as many rounds with her brothers as necessary to get what she wants! lol

I'll try to add some pics from the last few months :)

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