Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ohhhh my gosh, awful morning!!!

OHHHHH my gosh, is it Friday the 13th and nobody told me???? My morning has been awful! Here's a run-down:

1:15 am-wake up to Kaylee screaming from the other side of the house, she's sitting in her hallway and won't come to my room until I come get her, she wakes everyone in the house up, including the puppy

1:15-4:00 am-the dog screams, howls and barks because he's now awake, I try to ignore him thinking he's just wanting out of his crate

4:00 am-realize dog was not just screaming to play, he's pottyed in his crate and has slung it all over himself, the wall, the floor and even the door behind him in his attempts to get away from it

4:05 am-after pulling his crate and his 30 lb self to the back door, he gets around me and walks a little bit in the kitchen and the living room with his soiled paws, I spend ten or so minutes scrubbing to clean that up

6:00 am-get up to get Jaycen up for school, all goes well in this one

6:30 am-Kaylee wakes up as soon as I get back in the house from taking Jaycen to the bus stop

6:30-7:20 am-Kaylee screams big toddler tantrums for a variety of reasons, she didn't want me to walk out of the bathroom while she's finishing up, doesn't want milk, pours out her milk and expects a new drink, yada yada yada

7:20 am-Kaylee continues to throw huge fit when it's time to get in the car, I finally lose patience of her throwing her arms around while I try to fasten her in the car, go back in the house, wake hubby up, tell him she's being punished by not getting to go with us, he'll have to wake up and watch her

7:20-7:40 am-take two older kids to school, our 3 year old dog rides with us, like every day

7:40 am-get home, notice carseat is wet, chalk it up to dog licking car seat again

8:00-8:30 am-hubby prepares and gives puppy a bath, I wash down newly found walls, door and floor

8:40 am-newly washed puppy jumping all over the place, stealing Kaylee's clothes as she tries to get ready, making Kaylee scream again, somehow even leaving a giant wet paw print on my butt

8:45 am-puppy has rewarded us for his bath by peeing on the floor!!

8:55 am-get in the car to put Kaylee in car seat, she immediately jumps back up, dog has not licked car seat, dog has peed in car seat!!!! of course this has never happened until this morning!

8:56 am-run in house to get towel for her to sit on and grab Resolve carpet cleaner

8:58 am-get call from school, Jaycen throwing up, have to pick him up

9:15 am-get back home and give Jaycen (6 years old) anti-nauseous meds, while making up make-believe story about what viruses are and how you catch them (by the way, they like cute people and jump on them when they see them, then they have a party in your body, which makes you throw up)

9:55 am-jump in car to go get my flu shot, scheduled for 10:10 am (with appt. slip saying I have to give 24 hour notice to cancel and I can't cancel because I to have it now since I still have 13 days before surgery), backing out of driveway 6 year old starts throwing up, I jerk backwards to help him get sick in the garbage bag we took along, just in case; foot slips off brake, foot struggles to find brake but only finds gas petal, pushing us backwards from the driveway at what had to be 30 mph, foot finally finds brake half way in street; vomit has been projectiled to front seat now, all over mom, 6 year old, car seat, car floor, mom's purse in front seat.....

9:56-10:07 am-wash car up, again using Resolve

10:07 am-call pharmacy to say I can't be there in three minutes, informed today they have walk-ins as well and I can come any time....

Think it would be safe to hide in bed the rest of the day???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

E-bay Auction to help another child come home!

I was blessed with financial help to bring our Kaylee home, I believe in trying to help any family or child I can the same way. I don't always have funds to accomplish this but you can always help in other ways. :)

I was graciously given a White Swan Adoption Barbie to help in our fund raising efforts. My hubby changed his mind about adopting at the time but I still have the doll. I want to help Bobbie's family bring Matthew home.

Can you please help me get the word out about this auction? All proceeds will be going straight to the family.Even if you aren't interested in bidding on the Barbie or don't have the funds, please still help by getting the word out, post in blogs,etc. I've seen this same Barbie go for $350 on Ebay!! I'd love if we were able to raise this for Bobbie's family as well! I started the bidding price low to attract attention.

Here's the link:

The family's name is Bobbie Steve and family.

Here's their website:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check out this really cool giveaway!

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